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We Are Accepting Donations Though PayPal.


More Ways To Support Us

Supporters of our BERT donation jars for disaster response equipment and supplies.






Donations & Sponsorships

We have monthly meeting raffles.  Donations for our raffle & fund-raisers are greatly appreciated.  Contact us to arrange delivery or pick-up. 



Donations of emergency supplies and equipment. Blankets for disaster response shock victims.  Donations of office supplies.

Blanket donation guidelines:

* Full or twin size

* Fleece or quilt [No open-weave or afghans please]

* New or clean, gently used



Sponsorship of needed services.

Crossroads Grocery

​Chair 9

Graham's Restaurant

Graham's store

Maple Fuels

Paradise Market (Texaco)

Starving Sam's  (Mobile)

Welcome Store

Volunteers needed - What's your strength?


Leadership team, committees, assembly and distribution of materials, legal & tax counsel, community outreach, translators, event staffing & grant writer.