BERT's mailing address is: PO Box 1611, Maple Falls, WA 98266.  Due to financial resource constraints, we do not currently maintain a dedicated phone number for BERT.

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Is there a phone number or mailing address?

Location:  Kendall Fire Hall.  Across the street from Kendall Elementary.

Time:  6:30PM on the second Wednesday of every month.  Meetings are usually, 1 1/2 hours.  The July meeting is our anniversary "meeting" where we celebrate and reflect on our accomplishments of the year.

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Where and when do we meet?

Simply put, NO.  All who attend must live in the Kendall, Maple Falls, Glacier or Welcome area.  We encourage those outside of our BERT service area to start their own emergency preparedness group in their own city.  However, we do invite outside experts in emergency protocols to advise us at our meetings, along with other entities we partner with.

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Can anyone be in BERT?
Are there opportunities to serve in BERT?

Yes.  We are currently seeking qualified candidates for volunteer CPA/tax advisor and grant writer positions.  We are always seeking community volunteers for various roles and projects.  Join us!

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Due to its geographic and geologic profile, East Whatcom county is one of the highest risk areas in the nation.  Recognized hazards include wildfire, seismic and volcanic activity, lahars, flooding, landslides, hazardous materials spills from truck & rail transport, and border, port and airport exposure to acts of terrorism.


Creation of our emergency preparedness team was crucial.

Why was BERT formed?

BERT is a recognized state-registered non-profit.  Our application for federal 501 (c) 3 non-profit application process is contingent upon recruitment of a volunteer CPA/tax advisor and a grant writer.  BERT is classified as an educational Public Safety Advocacy Organization.

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Is BERT a non-profit?